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Command line interface for managing storage settings

create async

Create a new storage configuration.

Source code in prefect/cli/
async def create():
    """Create a new storage configuration."""
    async with get_client() as client:
        specs = await client.read_block_specs("STORAGE")
    unconfigurable = set()

    # KV Server Storage is for internal use only and should not be exposed to users
    specs = list(filterfalse(lambda s: == "KV Server Storage", specs))

    for spec in specs:
        for property, property_spec in spec.fields["properties"].items():
            if (
                property_spec["type"] == "object"
                and property in spec.fields["required"]

    for spec in unconfigurable:

    app.console.print("Found the following storage types:")

    for i, spec in enumerate(specs):
        app.console.print(f"{i}) {}")
        if spec.fields.get("description") and not spec.fields["description"].isspace():
            short_description = spec.fields["description"].strip().splitlines()[0]
            short_description = "<no description>"
        app.console.print(textwrap.indent(short_description, prefix="    "))

    selection = typer.prompt("Select a storage type to create", type=int)
        spec = specs[selection]
        exit_with_error(f"Invalid selection {selection!r}")

    property_specs = spec.fields["properties"]
        f"You've selected {}. It has {len(property_specs)} option(s). "
    properties = {}
    required_properties = spec.fields.get("required", property_specs.keys())
    for property, property_spec in property_specs.items():
        required = property in required_properties
        optional = " (optional)" if not required else ""

        if property_spec["type"] == "object":
            # TODO: Look into handling arbitrary types better or avoid having arbitrary
            #       types in storage blocks

        # TODO: Some fields may have a default we can use instead
        not_provided_value = JSON_TO_PY_EMPTY[property_spec["type"]]
        default = not_provided_value if not required else None

        value = typer.prompt(
            is not not_provided_value,  # Do not show our internal indicator

        if value is not not_provided_value:
            properties[property] = value

    name = typer.prompt("Choose a name for this storage configuration")

    block_cls = get_block_class(, spec.version)

    app.console.print("Validating configuration...")
        block = block_cls(**properties)
    except Exception as exc:
        exit_with_error(f"Validation failed! {str(exc)}")

    app.console.print("Registering storage with server...")
    block_id = None
    while not block_id:
        async with get_client() as client:
                block_id = await client.create_block(
                    block=block,, name=name
            except ObjectAlreadyExists:
                app.console.print(f"[red]The name {name!r} is already taken.[/]")
                name = typer.prompt("Choose a new name for this storage configuration")

        f"[green]Registered storage {name!r} with identifier '{block_id}'.[/]"

    async with get_client() as client:
        if not await client.get_default_storage_block(as_json=True):
            set_default = typer.confirm(
                "You do not have a default storage configuration. "
                "Would you like to set this as your default storage?",

            if set_default:
                await client.set_default_storage_block(block_id)
                exit_with_success(f"Set default storage to {name!r}.")

                    "Default left unchanged. Use `prefect storage set-default "
                    f"{block_id}` to set this as the default storage at a later time."

ls async

View configured storage options.

Source code in prefect/cli/
async def ls():
    """View configured storage options."""

    table = Table(title="Configured Storage")
    table.add_column("ID", style="cyan", justify="right", no_wrap=True)
    table.add_column("Storage Type", style="cyan")
    table.add_column("Storage Version", style="cyan")
    table.add_column("Name", style="green")
    table.add_column("Server Default", width=15)

    async with get_client() as client:
        json_blocks = await client.read_blocks(block_spec_type="STORAGE", as_json=True)
        default_storage_block = (
            await client.get_default_storage_block(as_json=True) or {}
    blocks = pydantic.parse_obj_as(List[prefect.orion.schemas.core.Block], json_blocks)

    for block in blocks:
            if str( == default_storage_block.get("id")
            else None,

    if not default_storage_block:
        table.caption = (
            "No default storage is set. Temporary local storage will be used."
            "\nSet a default with `prefect storage set-default <id>`"


reset_default async

Reset the default storage option.

Source code in prefect/cli/
async def reset_default():
    """Reset the default storage option."""
    async with get_client() as client:
        await client.clear_default_storage_block()
    exit_with_success("Cleared default storage!")

set_default async

Change the default storage option.

Source code in prefect/cli/
async def set_default(storage_block_id: UUID):
    """Change the default storage option."""

    async with get_client() as client:
            await client.set_default_storage_block(storage_block_id)
        except ObjectNotFound:
            exit_with_error(f"No storage found for id: {storage_block_id}!")

    exit_with_success("Updated default storage!")