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Prefect Collections

Prefect Collections are groupings of pre-built tasks and flows used to quickly build dataflows with Prefect.

Collections are grouped around the services with which they interact. For example, to download data from an S3 bucket, you could use the s3_download task from the prefect-aws collection, or if you want to send a Slack message as part of your flow you could use the send_message task from the prefect-slack collection.

By using Prefect Collections, you can reduce the amount of boilerplate code that you need to write for interacting with common services, and focus on outcome you're seeking to achieve.


To use a Prefect Collection, first install the collection via pip. As an example, to use prefect-aws:

pip install prefect-aws

The AWS tasks and flows in that collection can then be imported and called within your flow:

from prefect import flow
from prefect_aws import AwsCredentials
from prefect_aws.secrets_manager import read_secret

def connect_to_database():
    aws_credentials = AwsCredentials(
    secret_value = read_secret(

    # Use secret_value to connect to a database

Available Collections

To see the list of available Prefect Collections and links to each collection's GitHub repository and documentation, please refer to the Collection Catalog in the Prefect documentation.

Contributing Collections

Anyone can create and share a Prefect Collection and we encourage anyone interested in creating a collection to do so!

Generating a project

To help you get started with your collection, we've created a template that gives the tools you need to create and publish your collection.

To generate a collection from the template, run the following:

# 1. Install cookiecutter
pip install cookiecutter

# 2. Generate a Prefect Collection project

After your project has been generated, refer to the in the generated project for information about developing your collection.

Listing in the Collections Catalog

To list your collection in the Prefect Collections Catalog, submit a PR to the Prefect repository adding a file to the docs/collections/catalog directory with details about your collection. Please use TEMPLATE.yaml in that folder as a guide.