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API Reference

Prefect auto-generates reference documentation for the following components:

  • Prefect Python SDK: used to build, test, and execute workflows.
  • Prefect REST API: used by both workflow clients as well as the Prefect UI for orchestration and data retrieval
  • Prefect Cloud REST API documentation is available at
  • The REST API documentation for a locally hosted open-source Prefect server is available in the Prefect REST API Reference.
  • Prefect Server SDK: used primarily by the server to work with workflow metadata and enforce orchestration logic. This is only used directly by Prefect developers and contributors.

Self-hosted docs

When self-hosting, you can access REST API documentation at the /docs endpoint of your PREFECT_API_URL - for example, if you ran prefect server start with no additional configuration you can find this reference at http://localhost:4200/docs.