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Python setup

Prefect requires Python 3.7+

We assume you are familiar with managing a Python installation using tools like pip, conda or virtualenv.

Installing the latest version

Prefect is published as a Python package. To install the latest 2.0 release, run the following in a shell

pip install -U "prefect>=2.0.0a"

Installing the bleeding edge

If you'd like to test with the most up-to-date code, you can install directly off the orion branch on GitHub:

pip install

orion may not be stable

Please be aware that this method installs unreleased code and may not be stable.

Installing for development

If you would like to install a version of Prefect for development, first clone the Prefect repository and then install in editable mode with pip:

git clone 
# or git clone if SSH is preferred
cd prefect/
git checkout orion
pip install -e ".[dev]"

Checking your installation

To check that Prefect was installed correctly, you can test the CLI

$ prefect version

Running this command should print a familiar looking version string to your console.